My name is Márió Kőszegi, 27, studied geography at the University of Pécs. Currently I am working as a childcare assistant at the Institute of Baranya county Childcare Center. Simultaneously, I am member of several civic organizations, such as the Diverse Youth Network which aims to promote diversity as a core value in society. Among my overall goals, I would like to discover the world and the people around myself. I also support the initiatives that target disadvantaged groups of people with support and capacity. I am also interested in sciences, mostly in geography. I intend to deepen my knowledge through my university studies and outside in the civic sector. My aim is to learn to the best of my knowledge about the workings of different policy – making bodies that enable the equal participation of underprivileged groups of people, such as Roma. Therefore, I want to gain experience in organizing training courses, participating in workshops and conferences themed around my topics, funded by the EU and other relevant stakeholders.