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Policy Advisor

Julianna Boros is an Assistant Lecturer, at University of Pécs, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Community and Social Studies. She joined the Department in 2007. She is also Ph.D. student at University of Pécs, ’Education and Society’ Doctoral School of Education. In 2005 she obtained her Masters in Social Policy at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Julianna is member of the Romology Research Centre (University of Pécs) and the Centre for Research in Education (University of Pécs), and Editorial Board member of Szociális Szemle (Hungarian Social Review). Currently, her research area of interest is education, social integration,& employment, territorial disadvantages policies among the Roma ethnic minority in Hungary. The main focus of her Ph.D. thesis was the educational and social opportunities of Gypsy young people. In 2017 she published her Ph.D. research’s results in a volume, titled: Personal Paths – Social Situations (in Hungarian). Julianna’s further research interests are the forms of community learning and the role of social innovation in the life of local communities in Hungary. According to her self-identification Julianna is a Romungro Gypsy woman, her husband is a Boyash Gypsy man, both of them are first-generation Roma intellectuals, and parents of two children: Anna and Máté.