Géza is finishing up his BA studies specializing in Romology and pedagogy at the University of Pécs, Hungary. Besides his studies, he started teaching Romani language and cultural studies in high shools and and language schools. As a volunteer or fellow, he has been present in a number of domestic and international organizations. He spent his civic service through an EVS program in Tirana, working for Roma Active Albania focusing on antigypsyism and human rights education, as well as teaching Romani for university students.
At Phiren Amenca, he has been involved in a Roma – Jewish project based in Pécs, which was followed by a one-year Brussels based period representing the organization as contact point. Since 2014, he facilitated the yearly events and seminars of the DIK I NA BISTAR – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative. Géza has always been interested in grassgroots initiatives and believed in the empowerement of different communities – therefore did he and his fellows originated the Diverse Youth Network. He wants to focus on the minory rights approach, linguistic rights related to minority languages.