Policy Advisor

Aranka started her career as a teacher at the first Roma Nationality School in Europe (Gandhi Gimnázium, Pécs) teaching more than a decade. Subsequently, she has been a teacher at the Department of Romology in the University of Pécs, where the field of research has been inclusion. Aranka teaches students with teaching aspirations, and in the course of her work, she intends to provide them with her inclusive approach. Se is a committed representative of cooperative pedagogy in Hungary. She is currently the Director of the Educational Science Institute of Pécs University. In addition to education, she has been also a member and leader of many leading civic initiatives. She was the founder and leader of the Amrita Association and the Tree Friends Circle. She is also the founder of the Martineum Collegium and has been a professional program leader in the Arany János Program. She has chaired the Wlislocki Henrik Roma Student College for the past 15 years.